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Oman College of Health Sciences- South Batinah (OCHS-SB) was established in 1994 in Rustaq Hospital in South Batinah Governorate on an area of (1400) square meters which includes the wilayats of Al-Rustaq, Al-Mustansa, Nakhl, Wadi Al-Ma'awal, Awabi and Barka. OCHS-SB is one of the Ministry of Health Educational Institutes (MOHEIs).



In line with its vision, mission and values, the institute provides quality education to support the health institutions of the region by continually responding to the changes & demands of the program and the community. The OCHS-SB has a collaborative learning and working environment that fosters professionalism, innovation, active learning and caring. Guided by the principles of quality and improvement, the OCHS-SB strives to contribute significantly to Omanization of the nursing workforce in the governorate.


In order to ensure fair and equitable admission into the program, the students are selected of through Higher Education Academic Admission Center following the criteria stipulated by the MOHE for the nursing. The students start the foundation program, which focuses on English language, computer, mathematics, and study skills. After completing this stage, they start the Bachelor's program in general nursing for a period of four years, which includes teaching and training students on various nursing materials that qualify them to work at various levels of health care in the Sultanate.


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