About the Institution

Al Dhahira Nursing Institute (DNI) was established in Al Dhahira (Al Dhahira Governorate) in 1996 with an intake of 35 general nursing students. The institute currently offers two programs, Foundation and Bachelor of Nursing Programs. The institute aims at preparing Omani nurses to meet the needs of hospitals and health care institutions of qualified and skillful nursing workforce.

Institute Profile

In 1996, Al Dhahira Nursing Institute (DNI) was established in Ibri in the premises of Ibri Referral Hospital to meet the nursing manpower needs of the healthcare services in Al Dhahira Governorate. In September of that year, the institute accepted its first intake of 35 students. By September 2016,

605 students had graduated and become an integral part of Omani’s much needed and fast growing labor force.

Ever since its establishment in 1996, DNI has strived to provide quality education and support to the health care institutions in the region and to the DGHRD.

Quality has always been the first concern of the institute and the driving force behind its plans and initiatives. DNI strives to continually respond to the changes,

needs and demands of the nursing program, education system, staff and other stakeholders. This led to acknowledge the institute’s vital role in the governorate and local community by various stakeholders.

Despite numerous challenges related to management & administration, Bachelor of Nursing Program and its implementation, human resources,

students and student support services, and academic support services & infrastructure, DNI has achieved many accomplishments and overcome several challenges.

These achievements include building a collaborative working environment, enhancing the quality of the BSN through

its active participation in curriculum reviews and curriculum task forces, contributing significantly towards Omanization of nursing workforce in the governorate.

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