Student Academic Services

Academic Support Services

  • Library

    Salalah Nursing Institute provides a conducive learning environment where print and electronic information resources are readily accessible to students, faculty, and researchers. 

    The library offers the following:

    Resources such as information resources which include: textbooks, periodicals, e-books, e-journals, manual, CDs, Newspaper and leisure reading materials. 

    Services such as providing support for learning, teaching and research, Reprographics (photo copying).


  • Academic Advising

    Academic advising is a collective effort between a student and an academic advisor. The objective of this collaboration is to support the student in the development of meaningful educational goals that are consistent with personal interests, values and abilities.  

    In SaNI, advisors are helping students match the Institute's resources to their needs and goals so that they get the maximum benefit from their college experience and, at graduation, are prepared for life as professionals. Academic advisors help students plan their academic careers, this includes preparing for registration, resolving academic problems, and offering academic/educational advice.  


  • Student Learning Support

    Salalah Nursing Institute provides learning support to its students, endeavours to develop and retain qualified teaching workforce able to meet the growing needs of students.  For challenged students, a limited additional extracurricular learning support from available and committed faculty members is provided.

  • Information & Learning Technology services

    Information & Learning Technology Services provides assistance to faculty and  students who are interested in using technology to support, supplement or enhance their teaching and research. Overall service to pedagogical support to SaNI faculty is provided. Our services range from computer use, internet and wifi connection, printing, and assistance to delivering lectures on implementing technologies into the course.

  • Teaching Resources

    In SaNI, innovative faculty members are using technology to deliver their lectures. Each teacher is provided with a computer with internet connection and a printer. Laptop and LCD projector are also available in all classrooms. SMART board can be used to present their interactive lectures bringing the students to understand the concept in meaningful way.

  • Registry

    The general criteria for the basic programs are set by the Technical Committee and are outlined in the Higher Education Admission Centre (HEAC). The criteria for student entry into BSN Program are set by the Technical Committee, based on the projected human resource needs of the Omani health care sector. 

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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

  • Career and Employment Services

    Employment after graduation from Salalah Nursing Institute is normally assured after completion of the program. The mission of the Institute is to prepare students both professionally as well as academically to fulfil a basic grade position in the specialised field of practice. Curricula are designed to prepare students for lifelong learning by acquiring fundamental skills in the area of practice.

  • Student Finances

    The MOH provides free full internal scholarships and financial support for all Omani students on Foundation Programme and BSN program. This includes transportation costs for those living over a certain distance from the campus, as well as uniforms, and books. Special allowances are available for those in financial need.

  • Transportation

    Salalah Nursing Institute provides a free transportation service to its students specially those who will come from the village. For students who are in clinical practice, transportation from the Institute to the assigned health centres is also provided.Salalah Nursing Institute provides a free transportation service to its students specially those who will come from the village. For students who are in clinical practice, transportation from the Institute to the assigned health centres is also provided.

  • Medical & Counselling Facilities

    All students receive free medical care at Sultan Qaboos Hospital or any MOH health centres and clinics. Student handbooks contain information about medical services available and Health and Safety Committees follow up matters to do with medical services. 

  • Social and Recreational Services & Facilities

    To ensure that a quality education takes place in a conducive learning environment and believe that students’ motivation is an integral part of the learning environment, Salalah Nursing Institute provides various facilities as ways of involving students in social and recreational activities. Student Council and Extra Curricular Activities Committees were active in arranging some off-campus events and outreached program.

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Student Services Academic Downloads

Student handbook for foundation
Student handbook for BSN
Academic Byelaws
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