OCHS/Dhofar Branch always upholds the integrity of producing competitive, efficient and skilled medical professionals providing foremost healthcare to its populace. This reason manifests throughout the years since its establishment in 1991.

     The alumni, the college moulded and excelled in the medical field, had gone through the years of vast experiences and became highly-skilled professional healthcare providers throughout the country. They became the torches of exemplary medical conveyors of health within the community and the country.



To fortify the linkages between their alma mater and themselves, OCHS/Dhofar Branch establishes the Alumni Group which caters and enhances the following services, continual benefits for the mutual and holistic pedagogical environment and outreach healthcare providers:

Benefits and Services

  • Institutional Services
               Commencement exercises; photos and memoirs; e-library services; academic record 
               requests, reports and notes, recommendation and reference letter requests and 


  • Alumni Assistance Desk

                Career Advancement, Job Selection and Monitoring Assistance; Continuing

                Professional Development Consultations and Enquiries; Academic and Professional

                Activity Calendar, Schedules and Timetables; Inter-linkage Alumni Assistance Services

  • Community-Related Engagements

                Induction and Outreach Programmes; Events and Community-Mission Activities;

                National, Alumni, Reunion and Health participatory engagements

  • Academic-Professional Exchanges
    Series of Training, Seminar-Workshop and Continuing Professional Development 
    Programmes (CPD); Lectures and Speakerships; Career Planning, Guidance and Consultation Services;


  • Online Services