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    The North Batinah Nursing Institute (NBNI) believes that learning is not limited within the walls of the classroom. Students learn more and develop more holistically if they are exposed to various avenues of learning. The Institute provides leisure activities that enhance the social skills of the students. There are term end parties and social gatherings to provide recreational activities to the students. There is sports equipment like table tennis.

    Recognizing this, NBNI students enjoy activities such as drills, trainings, workshops and exhibition as well as competitions done not only within the institute but also those which are organized by other governorates and agencies. These activities allow them to have a wider view of the scope of the nursing practice as well as the development of their innate knowledge and skills. 
    Some of the activities participated in by these students to name a few were:  Fire Safety Basics & Fire Emergency Evacuation Drill; Health and Happiness Workshop; and Seminar on Radiation Protection Guidelines. They also participated in the Inter- College Environmental Public Speaking Competition held in Muscat and Dubai in the year 2014 and 2015 where they placed First Runner –Up. They are also tapped to participate in community outreach activities.


    The health and wellness of the students is one of the concerns of the Institute. Thus, upon enrolment, all students undergo a health checkup and a record of all students who have special medical backgrounds is maintained and are followed up and monitoring their health status on a regular basis. Any time the need arises, Sohar Hospital is within reach to cater for their medical needs.


    The Multimedia laboratory includes 20 working stations and 1 PC for the teacher. It provides a learning environment for students to develop their IT skills, English language skills and some nursing skills. Also the lab facilitates access and exchange of online information. The number of computers currently available for students in the multimedia lab and library is 29.

    The Nursing Skills Laboratory at North Batinah Nursing Institute provides an environment for all nursing department program students of North Batinah Nursing Institute to practice and demonstrate nursing skills.  Life size mannequins, models and other equipment provide a non-threatening, hands-on learning environment for skill acquisition. Laboratory includes a variety of equipment and supplies to support to practice before exposure to real wards and patients and to meet the objectives of the Nursing program.


    The mission of the Academic Advising Committee in NBNI is to cultivate an educational partnership with students, guiding and supporting them toward the development and achievement of their academic goals. Academic Advising Committee in the NBNI constitute of Chairperson and three members. Academic advisers shall be appointed for each student from among the institute faculty at the beginning of each academic year. A student may request to change the academic advisor at an appropriate point of time according to the established policy. Each academic adviser has seven to ten students. In each semester three sessions of counseling is conducted through; individual appointments, small group advising sessions and more. The Academic Advisers provide the following services for students:
    • Advice the students regarding policies, regulations and procedures of their program
    • Assisting in creating a fruitful learning process through; helping the students to make practical academic plans and decisions, helping them to set their learning goals and signpost them to all available options and resources in the NBNI, make them aware of all future outcomes for their study performance or their presented attitudes and behavior.
    • Assist in developing of an academic/career plans consistent with student’s stated goals, interests and abilities.
    • Making the necessary referrals to additional advising resources and/or academic support services. Since the Advising is a shared responsibility between an adviser and the student. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the student to identify their learning goals by developing a timeline plan to reach these goals. Also, the student is responsible to:
    • Attend the advising appointments and be on time.
    • Come prepared for appointments by writing down questions/concerns in advance.
    • Develop a primary plan to achieve own study and career goals
    • Be accountable for own plans and decisions.
    • Create and maintain positive relationships with the advisors


    North Batinah Nursing Institute has a student library with one librarian available for the users. Teaching/learning materials are available in the library. It  include books, journals, audio, video materials, anatomy and physiology models of body organs. 
    The books are classified under 3 categories:
    • Lending book
    • Reference book
    • Student class set 
    The number of books in the first two categories is a total of 1722, while the number of books for student class set is 1051 which will be handled to the students at the beginning of each semester depends on the subjects registered for that semester. The books will be collected back from the students at the end of each semester and secured in the library again for future re-use.


    Currently the Ministry of Health provides students with allowance .The amount vary according to the distance of the students’ location from the Institute. Students are provided with free education, learning materials and uniforms.


    North Batinah nursing institute strives to employ a variety of teaching methods and approaches in its academic activities. Student-centered learning, problem-based learning, case-based teaching and reflective learning are among the approaches that the institute should adopt to promote the facilitation role of teaching staff and enhance students’ sense of responsibility and accountability towards their learning.  Such approaches require teaching staff to shift their focus from teacher-centered approaches to student-centered approaches, have adequate time to prepare learning activities, students to have sufficient time for self-directed learning and sufficient resources for interactive simulation and e-learning.
    To achieve these NBNI classrooms and MML are provided with great speed Internet.
    A systematic process for laboratory inventory and maintenance is followed every year to make sure that Laboratory is equipped with all needed furniture, supplies, Mannequins and models for the demonstrations and return demonstrations of the lab courses. At present there are six beds, Mannequins and other models available with which students can practice in different groups simultaneously under the supervision of teachers. Return demonstration is conducted for all the students to make sure that each student go to real patients in wards with confidence, adequate skill, knowledge and right attitude.


    The graduates are fully equipped with the necessary lifelong skills that will enable them to be competent and professional nurses empowered to face new challenges as they embark on their chosen fields of specialization.  In the final year, representatives from health care institutions are invited to the institute to meet the students and share prospective career pathways and future scope of activities.


    The institute receives a list of student names from HEAC every year to be registered at the institute. Students Affairs staff with the help of an admin staff are responsible for contacting the students and asking for the required details and papers for records. The year coordinators in collaboration with course teachers track students’ absenteeism electronically. 

Student Support Services

Student Support Services

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