The Midwifery programme is structured within the national frame work for postgraduate diploma for 18 months benchmarked with ICM. The program emphasise on continued development through learning acquired from experience of work and life. Outcomes are perceived in terms of development of certain competencies and potentialities that continue to improve. The acquisition of knowledge involves the student developing her own useful strategies. The program develops student thinking, building critical and analytical skills and to enhance the reflective midwife who has the competence and confidence to practice with increasing autonomy. They will be motivated to view education as self-directed and a continuing life long experience. Knowledge acquired throughout the course will increase in depth and breadth as each new experience builds on what has previously been introduced. Development of reflective capability along with expansion of the knowledge will ensure that theory and practice will be related.

Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery Images

The post graduate diploma is intended to prepare Omani female nurses to become qualified midwives who will be independent practitioners in normal midwifery and to benefit the maternal and child health services in Oman by: • Providing midwives with increased skills of critical thinking and problem solving, • Improve the care of women and their families through the enhanced skill base. • Increased skills in research to develop the evidence base for practice. • Cost effective provision of midwives at high level as first line care providers in the primary health care centres. • Maintaining the recruitment of midwives within the country. The ultimate objective of preparing midwives is to improve the maternal and child health services of Oman for future generations. Therefore, the programme will consider traditional practices, cultural values and religious beliefs along with the current research, ethics and quality standards in normal and complicated midwifery. It will provide advanced education that fulfils the key roles to maximum potential along with the health care team. Additionally, it is imperative that they have to build systematically upon their initial education continuing their professional education in ways which ensure they maintain competence to meet the needs of Omani women for midwifery car

  • Objective 1

    1. Develop inquiring, critical, analytical and creative approaches in theory and practice to explore midwifery related issues in a reflective manner.

  • Objective 2

    2. Practice as competent midwife to provide accessible and effective care to the women, newborn babies and child bearing families acquired from the social science and public health

  • Objective 3

    3. Ensure that students adopt the ethos of lifelong learning by using the appropriate learning styles and apply knowledge of ethical theories, principles and their legal implications in the clinical practice.

  • Objective 4

    4. Impart the educational experience that will develop the students` intellectual and imaginative abilities in order to enhance her ability to make sound decisions and judgments.

  • Objective 5

    5. Develop the students` abilities to recognize the normal-complex needs of women and their babies and provide culturally sensitive care throughout pregnancy, labour until postnatal period.

  • Objective 6

    6. Detect and refer abnormalities during antenatal, labour and postnatal periods and to manage the emergency situations with the multidisciplinary teams.

  • Objective 7

    7. Critically analyze and evaluate midwifery practice to identify areas for change and innovation.

Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery - 2017