Recipients of Awards & Prizes

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  • Best Performer Academically:

     The student with the highest final Grade Point Average in their cohort on Graduation.

  • Best All Round Student:

    • Is conscientious and professional in their approach to studies

    • Participates regularly in institute or departmental activities

    • Takes on leadership roles willingly and competently

    • Achieves a minimum CGPA of 2.39 (Good) with no resits

    • Demonstrates an interest in issues outside the field of study

    • Participates readily and constructively in discussions

    • Participates readily and constructively in discussions

    • Is a team player; works well in groups

    • Has been a member/officer of the student council

    • Has no history of disciplinary action

    • Meets with the advisor regularly and follows advice

Best Performer Academically

Graduate Year Best Performer Academically Best All Round Student Program
2004 Basma Suliman Al Balushi Aida Saeed Bakheet Al Dohani Diploma Program
2009 Iman Rashid Humaid Al Zeidi Maha Saif Salim Al Mamari Diploma Program
2000 Amna Abdullah Mubarak Al Zadjali Amal Mohammed Al Jahwari Diploma Program
2010 Iman Hilal Zahir Al Ismaili Lamya Abdullah Mohammed Al Omairi Diploma Program
2001 Fatma Mohammed Sulieman Al Kindi Moza Salim Mohammed Al Marzooqi Diploma Program
2003 Shireen Ali Ibrahim Al Balushi Widad Saif Al Shiyadi Diploma Program
2016 Muna Yousuf Mohammed Al Ajmi Juhaina Salem Mohammed Al Kindi Diploma Program
2008 Hamda Salim Ali Al Omairi Zainab Issa Ali Al Balushi Diploma Program
2011 Aliya Hassan Mohammed Al Balushi Maryam Khamis Mohammed Al Breiki Diploma Program
2002 Kadijah Abdulla Nasser Al Marshoodi Moza Saif Ali Al Muqbali Diploma Program
2007 Ibtisam Amer Hamood Al Ghafri Shamsa Ali Salim Al Washahi Diploma Program
2005 Iman Marhoon Humaid Al Mamari Shamsa Issa Ali Al Balushi Diploma Program
2013 Kadijah Khamis Al Eisaee Fatma Salim Saif Al Wahaibi Diploma Program
2006 Nora Saif Suliman Al Shamsi Zahra Khalifa Ali Al Ghafri Diploma Program
2015 Noora Salem Hashil Al Marzooqi Suliman Saleh Abdullah Al Balushi Diploma Program
2012 Abir Mohammed Khalfan Al Muqbali Thuraya Rashid Abdullah Al Mughaizwi Diploma Program