About Oman College of Health Sciences- North Sharqiyah Branch

Oman College of Health Sciences – North Sharqiyah Branch, formerly Ibra Nursing Institute (INI) was established in Ibra - North Sharqiyah Governorate - in September 1993 with an intake of 35 general nursing students.  The institute aimed at preparing Omani nurses at Diploma Level to meet the needs of hospitals and health care institutions of qualified and skillful nursing workforce. In line with the developments. In order to ensure fair and equitable admission into the program, the students are selected through Higher Education Admission Center (HEAC). The Diploma nursing program was upgraded to the Baccalaureate level and the first batch of the Bachelor of Nursing program was accepted in the Academic Year 2013-2014.


In 2018, the Royal Decree No. (18/2018) was issued to establish the Oman College of Health Sciences.   All specializations, allocations, assets, rights and files of the Ministry of Health educational Institutes were transferred to Oman College for Health Sciences; the nursing institutes in the governorates are branches of the college.


The branch currently offers two programs, Foundation and Bachelor of Nursing Program. The Foundation Program (FP) focuses on English language, computer, mathematics, and study skills. Upon successful Completion of the FP the students are enrolled the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program which aims to prepare qualified nurses to work at various levels of health care in the Sultanate.


In line with the college’s vision, mission and values, the branch provides quality education to support the health institutions of the region by continually responding to the changes & demands of the program and the community. The branch has a collaborative learning and working environment that fosters professionalism, innovation, empowerment, belongingness, and transparency. guided by the principles of quality enhancement, the college strives to contribute significantly to Omanization of the nursing workforce in the governorate.


Facts about OCHS- North Sharqiyah Branch

Number of students at present: 168

Number of teaching staff: 17 (Including foundation staff)

Number of administrative and support staff:  9

Number of Diploma graduates:   (1994-2016 = 683)

Number of BSN graduates:         (2018-2020 = 95)









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