Certificates are your legal documents; therefore, you must keep them in safe custody. If you have lost your certificate, the institute may request you to provide some proof to help retrieve your record on payment of a fee.

The transcripts include details such as the number of credits and courses you have taken, and your performance in general. Should any universities require extra information, you have to write directly to the Institute, and the Institute may provide a summary of the program after verifying your needs. It may take some time and you may have to pay a fee for it

Life-long learning is a critical attribute of your continuous professional development. As a graduate, you have the responsibility to search for information and potential career opportunities announced from time to time by the DGHRD office and other departments.

Yes, forums, seminars, workshops and other academic and social activities are conducted by the institute; such activities are advertised and the members of the association are informed in advance. You may apply directly or get nominated if you think the activities are important for your professional development.

MoH Educational Institutions encourage graduates to seek better opportunities for and pursue further education. The Dean provides reference letters and recommendations on request. It takes some time and, therefore, you have to plan your career and inform the institute in advance.

Research themes are chosen by the institute based on needs analysis to maximize the benefits for the alumni. Graduates are encouraged to participate in joint research projects in order to boost education-service collaborations.

Certificates and academic transcripts are provided to all students after graduation free of cost. However, the graduates have to pay a fee for extra copies.

Yes, but you may have to approach concerned departments in the MOH for legal translation.

The Oman Specialized Nursing Institute (OSNI) and the Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) offer specialized programs annually. Some scholarships are offered by the Directorate of Scholarships at the DGHRD. Suitable candidates are selected based on certain criteria.

Some bridging programs are offered for diploma holders in order to progress during their career. For some programmes, you may have to prove your suitability by passing an English language proficiency test and supported by your annual performance appraisal report.

All graduates are encouraged to register their names with the INI Alumni Association. Occasionally, the institute organizes alumni activities to ensure that graduates stay in touch with their alma mater. You may download the registration form from the link provided and complete the registration.

INI welcomes any inputs from all stakeholders. Graduates are always encouraged to give their valuable ideas; and these ideas are taken into consideration when it reviews the programs

Internship is considered a transition period for graduates to be deeply involved in the real world of nursing profession. During this period you are under the direct supervision of the nurses of the service sector. The institute provides assistance in the form of consultation in matters of professional and academic interest for the graduates.

The graduates are welcome to join the INI Alumni Society to keep in touch with their alma mater and utilize the resources available in accordance with the policy.