Best Performer Academically


  • Best All-Round Student

    The student who achieved the highest final Grade Point Average (GPA) in their cohort on Graduation.

  • Best All Round Student:

    • • Is conscientious and professional in their approach to studies.

    • • Participates regularly in institute or departmental activities.

    • • Takes on leadership roles willingly and competently.

    • • Achieves a minimum CGPA of 2.50 (Good)

    • • Demonstrates an interest in issues outside the field of study.

    • • Participates readily and constructively in discussions.

    • • Is a team player; works well in groups

    • • Has been a member/officer of the student council.

    • • Has no history of disciplinary action.

    • • Meets with the advisor regularly and follows advice.

Best Performer Academically

Graduate Year Best Performer Academically Best All Round Student Program
2000 Moh'd amur said al-ghaneemi Fathiya hamood sultan al-ismaili Diploma Program
1998 Said Amer Said Al-Ghunaimi Moh'd Amer Salim Al-Maskari Diploma Program
2005 Fatma Khalfan Msey'id Al-Shukairi Abdullah Amur Said Al-Shidhani Diploma Program
2011 Basma Marhoon Said Al Mamari Radhiya Saleem Salim Al Hajri Diploma Program
2013 Kothar Abdallah Said Al Nadhairi Eman Salim Obaid Al Rashdi Diploma Program
2004 Zeyana Aamir Salim Al Ismaili Dalila Shahdad saleh Al Balushi Diploma Program
1997 Nasra Habihb Nasser Al-Awidy Musabah Salem Rashid Al-Maskari Diploma Program
2008 Fatema Mohd Sulaiman Al-Marjibi Marhoun Salim Marhoun Al-Habsi Diploma Program
1996 Mahfoodha Khalifa Yahya Al - Ismaili Zuwaina Salim Saleem Al-Jufaili Diploma Program
2003 Salema Ali Salem Ghanami Nawal Ali Abdullah Al Maskari Diploma Program
2009 Iman Said Musalem Al-Maskari Houda Saud Saif Al-Yaaribi Diploma Program
2007 Samiya Salim Hashil Al-Haabsi Issa Sulaiman Shafi Al-Sharji Diploma Program
2010 Zainab Yaqoob Hussein Al Rahbi Amira Amur Khalfan Difai Diploma Program
2006 Siham Saif Salim Al-Sinawi Siham Saif Salim Al-Sinawi Diploma Program
2015 Maroa Salim Harith Hamed Bini Araba Samaiya Salim Mohammed Al Azri Diploma Program
2002 Rahma khalifa said al-sharji Habiba Said Mohammed Al Manji Diploma Program
2012 Alghalia Said Salim Al Habsi Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmed Al Sawwafi Diploma Program
1999 Fatma mansoor saif al-sharji Yasah hamood sulaiym al-wahaibi Diploma Program
2016 Ruwaya Ali Mohammed Al Rahbi Sharifa Salim Ibrahim Salim Al Balushi and Amur Mohamed Al Harthi Diploma Program
2001 Raqaiya sarahan rashid al-mugairy Zeina Nasser Said Al Habsi Diploma Program