Student Academic Services

Academic Support Services


    Academic registry service is a critical component of academic support services .The Head of Students Affairs section, who was trained by HEAC, is responsible for registration and keeping students records. The curriculum Development Assistant is responsible for students' records of academic progression. The class coordinators in collaboration with course teachers track students’ absenteeism electronically. 


    By the instructions of His majesty Sultan Qaboos , May Allah bless him ,to change to electronic government ,the  MOH Electronic library was established 
    It was One of the biggest events in 2015 . Electronic library was launched on  February, 2015 under the patronage of  Dr. Ahmed al-Saidi minister of Ministry Of Health .It is one of the biggest libraries in Oman .The MOH E library aims to provide e resources which can increase the knowledge, support and enhance the scientific and clinical researches for both staff and students .
    Electronic library contains many electronic recourses from different popular publishers around the world such as  Springer , Emerald , Lippincott and Cinahl plus .
    Electronic library has  different types of resources to achieve the concept of the diversity of Information resources. E-books, E-journals, podcasts, video, images, lectures, guidelines, checklists and many more are some formats of e resources available in e library.


    We have a well-equipped multimedia lab with 28 computers in separate cabins to accommodate 28 students at a time. This helps students to develop their computer skills and to foster their learning through the technological advances. The lab is used to teach IT subject along with teaching nursing.  Apart from the scheduled classes in the lab the students can utilize it in their free time.  The lab is connected with a good Internet Connection to enhance student learning experience.  The institute academic staffs are also provided with individual laptop computers to help them in preparing for the lectures and all other career related activities.  One experienced and qualified IT engineer is responsible for the lab.  The Wi-Fi access point is displayed in different points though out the institute.

    There is a well-equipped Nursing Lab to promote students’ learning through imparting practical knowledge and teaching practical skills. We have a number of mannequins which is used to teach practical skills to the students before exposing patients to clinical areas.  The mannequins we have are listed below as follows:

    • Nursing Kelly with Vital sim (Male and Female Catheterization modules)
    • First aid and trauma mannequin
    • 3 Adult mannequins (Male and Female Catheterization modules)
    • 3  Adults CPR mannequins
    • 1 infant CPR mannequin
    • Nursing Anne with Vital sim
    • 2  Infant mannequins
    • 3 Simulator mannequins

    Apart from the mannequin the lab also has various equipment and clinical instruments that are used in the hospital setting which are used to teach practical skills to the students.

    We also have various anatomical models to teach students anatomy and physiology.

    Two faculty members are in-charge of the lab to keep a record of the lab activities and maintain a register of equipment and indents. The Wi-Fi connection is also provided in the lab.

    We have 4 class rooms that are spacious enough to occupy 40 students. The class rooms are well-lighted, ventilated and well-organized.  Additionally, classes are equipped with wireless LCD Projectors, DVDs Players, Overhead Projectors, Wi-Fi connection and TV. We have locker facilities for all our students inside the class room.

    Our premises foundation students study in a separate building close to the main institute building.  The foundation building contains two class-rooms which accommodate around 50 students at a time. Classes are well lighted, ventilated and organized.  Each class is equipped with Plasma TV, Wireless LCD Projector, and two big speakers.   The building has one faculty room.  It also has female, male and faculty lounges adequate facilities. The building has its own internet connection with Wi-Fi access point.


    Sur nursing institute has a well-established library with a full librarian who is available for the users. Teaching/learning materials are available in the library .It  includes books, journals and audio and video materials. 
    The books are classified under 3 categories:
    1. Lending books. 
    2. IReference books.
    3. Student class sets.
    The number of books in the first two categories is 1050 while the number of books for student class set is 1151 which are given to the students at the beginning of the semester according to the subjects which they learn and are collected back at the end of each semester.


    Unlimited support is given to all students through additional worksheets and extracurricular activities. Special attention is given to weak students to help them cope up with the English courses through remedial classes and academic advising during the Foundation year. Moreover, nursing students can approach the teachers of English for linguistic support during their studies.


    The policy of The Academic advising is to ensure that students receive appropriate guidance and support to facilitate their learning  It provides information to students on how to seek advice and teachers on his/her role on academic advising to make appropriate  choices and facilitates a successful academic experience. 
    Academic advisers are appointed for each student from among the institute faculty at the beginning of every academic year. A student may request to change the academic advisor at an appropriate point of time according to the established policy.
    At present the academic advisors main responsibility is limited to help the students, whose performance and conduct is below the expected standards and examine the factors attribute to situation.
    Each academic advisor is assigned for eight to ten students for advising. During academic year, two to three sessions of counselling are conducted, one in week 4 and the other in week 8. Students are advised to meet the advisor at least once in a semester. The low performing students are identified and referred to the concerned course coordinators .Remedial work and tutorials are done for the students to improve their performance. Counselling assists student to discover their own potentials and capabilities. If the students do not show any progress they are referred to the dean for further action. 

  • Teaching Resources

    Regional Nursing Institute-Sur strives to employ a variety of teaching methods and approaches in its academic activities. Student-centered learning, problem-based learning, case-based teaching and reflective learning are among the approaches that the institute adopts to promote the facilitation role of teaching staff and enhance students’ sense of responsibility and accountability towards their learning.  Such approaches require teaching staff to shift their focus from teacher-centered approaches to student-centered approaches, have adequate time to prepare learning activities, students to have sufficient time for self-directed learning and sufficient resources for interactive simulation and e-learning.
    To achieve the above, RNI-Sur has class room’s multimedia lab with full-fledged resources and adequate number of Personal Computer, internet with great speed and Wi-Fi accessible for the teachers and students.
     The Demonstration laboratory is equipped with all needed supplies for the demonstration and return demonstrations of the lab courses. The Laboratory is now equipped with 2 medium fidelity mechanisms, Nurse Anne and Nurse Kelly with Sim Pad. The Sim Pad is a medium fidelity simulator installed in the institute. The procedures done by students and teachers with this manikins can be stored in the Sim Pad Software. 

Student Support Services

Student Support Services

  • Career and Employment Services

    The graduates are fully equipped with the necessary lifelong skills that will enable them to be competent and professional nurses empowered to face new challenges as they embark on their chosen fields of specialization.  In the final year, representatives from health care institutions are invited to the institute to meet the students and share prospective career pathways and future scope of activities.

  • Accommodation, Catering and Transportation

    Transportation from the institute to various training areas is made available to the students. Catering services are available to the students provided by the hospital cafeteria, which is under dietitian’s supervision and Ministry of Health protocols for food hygiene. The students are charged a reasonable price for the food they are offered. Sur Nursing Institute does not provide accommodation services to students.

  • Social and Recreational Services and Facilities

    To foster to the extracurricular needs of the students, we regularly conduct many celebrations like national day, end of year, foundation welcome party, and graduate farewell party.  Most of these activities are initiated and organized by the students’ affairs committee.  We have a good collaboration with the higher educational institutions within the governorate (Sur Applied Science College and Sur University College) as well as with schools, Handicapped Center, and Omani Women Association.  Through these collaborations our students are organize and participate in various activities such as, health fair, Ramadan Sport Competition, National and International Days (Handicapped, Women, Health, Diabetics, and library)   

  • Medical and Counseling Facilities

    The health and wellness of the students is one of the concerns of the Institute. Thus, upon enrolment, all students undergo a health checkup and a record of all students who have special medical backgrounds is maintained and are followed up to monitor their health status on a regular basis. Any time the need arises, Sur Polyclinic and Sur Hospital are within reach to cater for their medical needs.

  • Students’ Finances

    Currently the Ministry of Health provides students with allowance .The amount varies according to the distance of the student’s location from the Institute. Students are provided with free education, learning materials and uniforms.

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Student handbook for Foundation
Student handbook for BSN
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