Alumni of OCHS-SSB reach out to the graduates across various years, batches and interest. The aim of our Alumni is to support the graduates with the knowledge and skills; to communicate and interpret the goals and achievements and to promote a spirit of unity and loyalty among former students and friends. Alumni create and maintain a life-long connection between the college and its alumni.


Benefits and Services

As alumni, there are opportunities to:

  • The alumni are provided with their transcript upon request, without any fee, in case they may need it for their higher studies.
  • Students may request to have official transcripts of their academic work sent to themselves or designated third parties
  • The Alumni is your connection to continuing your education or getting a transcript.

Benefits and Services

  • Student-Alumni Contact: Support current students through different mentoring opportunities either by being a part of on-campus lectures or through an in-person or online commitment; provide internships and recruit fresh graduates

  • Postgraduates training letter request

  • The alumni are free to approach the institute to utilize various resources as our library, MML resources, to enhance their skills in the area of their work

  • Request for consultation and guidance on academic or career situation

  • Contact training institutions

  • Events and Reunions: The Alumni organize and facilitate social and professional gatherings, including the alumni meeting which is held regularly. Alumni members are also invited to campus events like Convocation Day, and various other cultural events on Campus

  • They can get access to the alumni database, where they can update their personal information and keep in touch with the institute

  • The alumni can benefit from the e-services that will be made available to the prospective alumni

  • Recording of the graduation ceremony

  • Life-long Learning: enjoy guest lectures, discussion sessions, and continuing nursing studies

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    جلسات ناقشية ودراسات علمية عن التمريض المستمر.