Internship is considered a transition period for graduates to socialize deeply into the real world of the profession. In this period you are under the direct supervision of the service. Institute provides assistance when needed in the form of consultation in matters of professional and academic perspectives

MoH Education Institutes encourage graduates to seek for better opportunities and pursue further education. The Dean provides reference letters and recommendations upon your request. It takes some time and therefore you need to plan your career and informed the institute in advance.

Certainly, bridging programs are offered for diploma holders to progress in their career. Conditions applied and in some cases you may be challenged to prove your suitability for the program applied such as the level of your English language proficiency and your annual appraisal performance.

Program development welcomes the input and feedback from all stakeholders. Graduates are always encouraged to take part in this endeavor and their inputs are valued and are taken into account when reviewing the program.

Certificates and academic transcripts are provided to all students upon graduation without charge. Some fee is required when requesting extra copies.

Life-long learning is a critical attribute for your continuous professional development. Graduates have responsibility to look for information and potential career opportunities announced from time to time through the DGHRD office and elsewhere.

Certificates are your legal documents; you must keep them at safe custody. If by any chance you lost your certificate the institute may request some proofs to help retrieving your record. The process has some cost implication.

Institute graduates are welcomed to join the alumni society to keep in touch to the institute and utilize the available resources in accordance to the policy.

Forums, seminars, workshops and similar academic and social activities conducted by the institute are advertised and target audience is informed. You may apply to participate or nominated to do so according to the nature of activities that matched your contribution.

The Oman Specialized Nursing Institute and the Institute of Health Sciences offer specialized programs annually. Some scholarships are offered through the Directorate of Scholarships at the DGHRD. Criteria applied in the selection of suitable candidates for the programs offered.

Upon graduation, the English version of the certificate is offered at the Institute without charge. For any other language, you may need to do it at approved offices for legal translation.

Transcripts detailed the number of credits, courses you have taken, and your performance in general. Should University need extra information, you can write directly to the Institute, and the Institute may provide a summary of the program after verifying your needs. It may take some time and charges may be requested.

Researches themes are priorities at the institute level to maximize the benefits. Graduates are encouraged to participate in joint researches to enhance Education-Service collaborations.

All graduates are encouraged to register to the Institute alumni society upon graduation. Occasionally, the institute helps planning and facilitates alumni activities to ensure that graduates stay in touch with their academic institution. Download the form from “Register with us”, fill out and email to ……..