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Foundation program provides a multitude of opportunities to learners for language learning from pre-intermediate to high intermediate levels through a communicative-integrative approach. It develops communicative competence among learners in the four macro-language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are exposed to various learning experiences thread through comprehension, critical thinking and communicative activities along with embedded study skills. Thus, the course employs the latest approaches and strategies to help guide the students towards active independent learning.

The Mathematics course provides avenues to students for learning basic mathematical concepts and their uses by exposing them to arithmetic properties, basic knowledge of algebraic and geometric problems. It also introduces basic concepts of descriptive statistics, quadratic equations, and logarithmic and analytical trigonometry functions.

The Information Technology component offers the student basic theoretical foundation to understand the make-up of computer system. It also provides them with hands-on experience in common software applications. Thus, various learning activities help inculcate in learners practical knowledge of information technology.



Foundation Programs