1. Upon completion of the Foundation Course, students will be able to:
2. demonstrate English language proficiency at high intermediate level in professional setups.
3. apply mathematical concepts and basic knowledge of algebra, trigonometry and statistics to solve problems in professional situations.
4. use theoretical and practical knowledge of Information Technology in their academic pursuit.


  • Heading 1

    Heading 1

  • Objective 5

    recognize and use parts of a book, library system, learning resources and research skills in various academic tasks

  • Objective 4

    write various types of paragraphs, essays and descriptive summaries presented in different graphic forms with cohesion, coherence and grammatical accuracy using appropriate lexical resources, academic writing and proper referencing

  • Objective 11

    demonstrate the use of information technology to do various forms of communications and practical tasks by accessing and using independently the different applications in the computer system

  • Objective 8

    use oral and written forms of medical terminologies in basic health science contexts

  • Objective 2

    express themselves appropriately using correct language functions, proper pronunciation and intonation patterns and common linguistics features in various academic and non-academic speaking situations

  • Objective 9

    practice the habit of working independently on given tasks respecting deadline

  • Objective 7

    apply and use critical thinking skills in various academic tasks such as categorizing and interpreting information, judging and justifying opinions, compare and contrast habits, defending or refuting arguments, contradicting theories and evaluating evidence

  • Objective 10

    use basic mathematical concepts, arithmetic properties, knowledge of algebra and geometry, basic concepts of statistics and trigonometry in solving problems arising from real life applications.

  • Objective 3

    identify and pick main ideas and specific information in general academic, literary and scientific texts (short and long) employing varied reading skills and strategies

  • Objective 6

    produce reflective journals, vocabulary logs, portfolios and other scholastics records from multiple sources in real life situations

  • Objective 1

    respond effectively to main ideas, aspects and other details of different listening texts in the form of interviews, conversations, commentaries, lectures, seminars and presentations by applying a variety of listening skills and strategies

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