OCHS Generic Graduate Attributes

1. knowledgeable and skillful: Apply knowledge and skills relevant to the field of study

2. Critical Thinker: Use critical thinking skills such as intellectual curiosity, analytical reasoning, problem-solving and reflective judgment.

3. Collaborator and team player: Possess team work skills and are able to collaborate and work in team

4. Effective communicator: Communicate effectively and use of IT technologies

5. Lifelong learner: Posses skills and are motivated to independent learning and engage in Lifelong learning & research

6. Ethical and professional awareness: possess work ethics, positive values and professional attitudes

7. Good and engaged citizen: Uphold the inherited Omani values, preserves achievements, socially responsible, and contributes to the welfare and progress of nation or local community

8. Culturally sensitive: Demonstrate respect and appreciation to diverse cultures

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