Our Value


• Professionalism: Professionalism is an agreed mode of behaviors and ethical conduct exhibited by healthcare professionals. Professionals' actions are guided by the Islamic faith, honesty, responsibility, accountability, integrity, knowledge, and professional code of ethics. Ethical and moral conduct principles regulate the relationship between the students, staff, and the communities they serve.

 Innovation: Innovation reflects a visible move away from routine and traditions in favor of reflective initiatives and creativity. Innovation includes questioning the traditional ways of doing things through critical analysis and applying creativity to improve the outcomes. Faculty, as well as students, are encouraged to introduce positive changes in their respective areas.

 Collaboration: The faculty takes a firm position to build successful cooperation, a sense of team spirit, and commitment to achieve a common goal. Inter-professional learning experiences are planned to create opportunities for extra-curricular activities, joint learning initiatives, and joint ventures and research. Encourage the practice of self-assessment among faculty and staff in order to advance their efficacy.

• Quality: Principles and practices of quality are integrated into the educational system to attain the best achievement level and further progress. The practice of self-assessment is carried out to ensure that all the intended purposes of educational activities are met and improve efficacy.

• Empowerment: Nurtures and reinforces the degree of autonomy and self-determination to enable both students and faculty to represent their interests and act upon responsibly. Various methods are employed to stimulate learning through the provision of supportive and challenging activities.

• Belongingness: The national identity and a sense of belonging are necessary and an integral part of the healthcare professionals to serve their communities with compassion. The OCHS is committed to nurturing and reinforcing the national identity spirit to serve the Nation with passion and pride.

• Transparency: Create an environment in which information related to procedures, decisions, and policies is accessible to the personnel concerned.

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