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Student Academic Services

Academic Support Services


    Ibra Nursing Institute has a well-established library equipped with required books, references, and audiovisual materials. The librarian manages the library electronically through HAMS. Teaching and learning materials are available in the library. It includes books, journals, audio, video materials, anatomy, and physiology models of body organs. The books are classified under 2 categories: (1) Lending book and (2) Reference book. There are 883 books for lending and references and 1520 books for allocation to students.

  • Teaching Resources

    Ibra Nursing Institute employs a variety of teaching methods and strategies in its academic activities practices to promote effective learning and to enhance the students' sense of responsibility and accountability towards learning. Approaches such as student-centered learning, problem-based learning, case-based teaching and reflective learning require teaching staff to shift their focus from teacher-centered approach to student-centered approach. To achieve this, INI has classrooms with OHPs, a library with a wide-range selection of books, nursing lab with simulators, and full-fledged multimedia labs equipped with resources and an adequate number of PCs with internet access. In addition, Wi-Fi is accessible to the admin and teaching staff as well as students.

  • Nursing Lab

    The nursing laboratory is adequately equipped with life-size mannequins, a variety of models, and supplies. The lab provides opportunities for students to practice nursing skills and consolidate theoretical learning. The lab has a high fidelity simulator (3G SimMan) which facilitates students’ acquisition of advanced nursing skills and enhances decision-making skills. In addition, there is a virtual environment of Al Shifa 3+ for students to practice documentation of health data and nursing procedures.


    All students are given unlimited support by providing them additional worksheets and extracurricular activities. Aside from academic advising, weak students are provided with remedial classes to help them cope up with the English courses during the Foundation year. Moreover, nursing students can approach English teachers for language support through their studies.


    Academic registry service is an essential section of academic support services. The Head of Students Affairs is responsible for electronic registration and keeping students records in the Health Academic Management System (HAMS), as well as maintaining hard copies of students’ files. The Curriculum Development Assistant is responsible for students' records of academic progression. The year coordinators, in collaboration with course teachers, track students’ absenteeism online.


    Ibra Nursing Institute has a well-defined Academic Advising Committee. The policy of the academic advising is to ensure that students receive appropriate guidance and support to facilitate their learning. It provides information to teachers on his/her role on academic advising and awareness to students on seeking advice to make appropriate choices that will facilitate a successful academic experience. Each student shall be assigned to an academic advisor from among the institute faculty at the beginning of each academic year. At present, the academic advisors' main responsibility is limited to help the students whose performance and conduct is below the expected standard, and examine the factors attributed to a situation. Each academic advisor will be assigned to advise six to eight students. Advising shall be done on the fourth and eighth week of each semester. Students with academic problem shall be supported with remedial classes in order for them to cope with academic demands.


    There are two Multimedia laboratories equipped with 61 workstations (26 in lab 1 and 36 in lab 2) and each lab has one PC for a teacher, one printer, and one interactive board. These labs provide a learning environment for students to develop their IT skills, English language skills and some nursing skills. Also, the lab facilitates access and exchange of online information.

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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

  • Social and Recreational Services and Facilities

    The Institute provides recreational activities that enhance the social skills of the students. The institute organizes activities that coincide with national events, end year parties, and social gatherings. There are pieces of sports equipment like table tennis and badminton available for the students. There is also an open shaded area with adequate tables and chairs for students’ gatherings and socialization.

  • Career and Employment Services

    The institute strives to prepare its graduates to be fully equipped with lifelong skills necessary to enable them to be competent professional nurses who are empowered to face new challenges as they embark their chosen fields of specialization. In the final year, representatives from healthcare institutions are invited to the institute to meet the students and share prospective career pathways and future scope of activities.

  • Student Support Services

    Ibra Nursing Institute, together with the Ministry of Health, extends its support to the students by providing services geared towards its mission and vision; that is to mold well-rounded and skilled professional nurses who will serve the people of the Sultanate of Oman.

  • Transportation, Catering, and Accommodation

    Transportation from the institute to various training areas is made available to the students. Catering services of the hospital cafeteria, which is under a dietitian’s supervision and Ministry of Health protocols for food hygiene, provides food with reasonable price to students. Ibra Nursing Institute does not provide accommodation services to students.

  • Medical and Counseling Facilities

    One of the concerns of the Institute is the health and wellness of the students. Thus, upon enrolment, all students have to undergo a health checkup and records of the students with medical concerns are kept, followed up and monitored on a regular basis. Ibra Polyclinic and Ibra Hospital are within reach to cater their medical needs.

  • Students’ Finances

    The Ministry of Health provides students with allowance. The amount varies according to the distance of a student's location from the Institute. Students are provided with free education, learning materials, and uniforms.

Student Services Academic Downloads

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Student Handbook for Foundation
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