Recipients of Awards & Prizes

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  • Best Performer Academically:

    The student with the highest final Grade Point Average in their cohort on Graduation.

  • The student who is best overall in their cohort on Graduation in the following areas:

    • Is conscientious and professional in their approach to studies.

    • Participates regularly in institute or departmental activities.

    • Takes on leadership roles willingly and competently.

    • Achieves a minimum CGPA of 2.39 (Good) with no resits.

    • Demonstrates an interest in issues outside the field of study.

    • Participates readily and constructively in discussions.

    • Is a team player; works well in groups.

    • Has been a member/officer of the student council.

    • Has no history of disciplinary action.

    • Meets with the advisor regularly and follows advice.

Best Performer Academically

Graduate Year Best Performer Academically Best All Round Student Program
2010 Sara Darwish Abdullah Al-Bulushi Dayana Ali Salim Al-Hattali Diploma Program
2009 Maryam Said Zahran Al-Maawali Tarkiya Khalfan Said Al-Nasseri Diploma Program
2005 Samiya Abdullah Hamed Al-Mahfudhi NA Diploma Program
2004 Halima Sabil Issa Al-Balushi NA Diploma Program
2015 Hana Juma Darwish Al-Hadabi Wesal Khalaf Nasser Al-Shaqsi Diploma Program
2008 Fawziya Hilal Hamed Al-Abri NA Diploma Program
2006 Mudhar Mohamed Nasser Al-Adawi NA Diploma Program
2016 Amira Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Kharusi Amal Marhoon Ghanim Al-Maamari Diploma Program
2000 Mayasa Ghabish Ashain Al Saadi Zayana Mubarak Saif Al-Mahdoori Diploma Program
2001 Amal Juma Dharwish Al Hadabi Sana Salem Juma Al Shaqsi Diploma Program
2012 Zakiya Said Mohammed Al-Khaziri Ghania Issa Mohammed Al-Ghafri Diploma Program
2003 Azza Mubarak Hamood Al Harasi NA Diploma Program
2013 Maroa Badar Ghalib Al-Riyami Ahlam Talib Nasser Al-Masqari Diploma Program
2013 Rawya Mahfoodh Hamed Al-Shereiqi Ahlam Talib Nasser Al-Masqari Diploma Program
2007 Ali Taleb Saleh Al-Musaqri NA Diploma Program
1997 Shawana Masad Al-Harrasi Modhkora Mohammed Saif Al Shikely Diploma Program
1999 Zuna Nasser Abdulla Al- Mawali Ghada Khamis Afif Al Mukhaeni Diploma Program
2002 Aisha Abdulla Ali Al Balushi NA Diploma Program
1998 Badria Mohamed Al Riamy Atiya Gharib Al Manthri Diploma Program
2011 Amal Sulaiman Mohammed Al-Ghafri Marya Abdullah Moosa Al-Owaisi Diploma Program