Our Statrategic Goals are conclued as follows: 


The 9th Strategic plan (2016-2020) was developed under the guidance of the Directorate General of Planning and Studies and in consultation with the Institutes' Deans, administrative directors and other MOH stakeholders over a period of several months.

1. Development of the plan  started in February 2015 based on analysis of progress achieved under the 8th Strategic plan (2011-2015) and the future direction of the 2050 Vision for Health Profession education strategy.

2. The plan was shared in a national conference attended by external stakeholders and reviewed and approved by the consultative committee at the MOH.

3. This plan is based on eight expected results. These are related to: students, programs, infrastructure and environment, human resources, establishment of a College of Health Sciences, the Institutes’ Foundation Program and Accreditation, Research, and the relationships with other HEIs and professional bodies.

4. The plan uses specific KPIs for expected results, products and activities.

5. The approach to planning is based on needs rather than available budget.

6. The strategic planning process has been shared with staff of institutes through meetings.

7. The strategic goals have been cross-checked for appropriateness and relevance and matched with the strategic plans of other cross functional areas.

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